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Friday, February 24, 2023

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SOCAL Most favorite Surf Beaches

Huntington Beach [1]:
With a nickname like "Surf City", Orange County's Huntington Beach is clearly a proven surf spot worthy of being rated amongst the best in the whole world. It's even the home of the Annual World Surfing Championships, which has helped it achieve further global fame.

Rincon Point, Santa Barbara [2]:
Ideal swell and wind conditions make Rincon Point, Santa Barbara a great spot for surfing. The swell is W, WSW, and WNW @ 15s and the wind is NE.

Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles [2]:
Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles is a great spot for surfing with any direction swell @ 16s+ and wind E, SE.

Malibu Surfrider Beach, Los Angeles [2]:
Malibu Surfrider Beach, Los Angeles is a great spot for surfing with swell S, SW, WSW @ 16s+ and wind NW.

Zuma Beach, Los Angeles [2]:
Zuma Beach, Los Angeles is a great spot for surfing with swell S, SW, W @ 16s+ and wind E.

Imperial Beach City Beach [3]:
Imperial Beach City Beach in Imperial Beach, California has an impressive beach running the length of its waterfront.

Doheny State Beach, Dana Point [4]:
Doheny State Beach, Dana Point is known for being the best place to learn how to surf in Southern California (hence why they have one of the most popular surf schools in SoCal).

Cowell Beach [^5]:
Cowell Beach is the best beginner surfing spot in California. It is located in a protected cove that can shelter a surfer against strong winds and maintain the gentle waves. Longboards work great on the Cowell Beach waters.

San Onofre Beach [^5]:
San Onofre Beach in San Clemente is also a great spot for beginners to learn how to surf.


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